July 21, 2011 i'm okay with this i'm ok with this ok okay sure whatever

April 16, 2011 gif rude no thanks no thank you wow okay sure go away fuck you idgaf i don't give a fuck what the fuck what the hell wtf wth
Spencer Reid has the best lost puppy faces


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April 9, 2011 criminal minds reid dr. reid spencer reid matthew gray gubler mgg oh okay oh okay ok oh ok sure nod uh huh really? really i don't understand

April 1, 2011 meme meme face face well well then okay sure uh huh i don't care idc whatever who cares not interesting uninterested boring bored uh huh

March 15, 2011 lady gaga gif what why huh okay sure oh god ew disgusting nasty what the fuck wtf what the hell wth what the heck

March 4, 2011 misfits nathan young Robert Sheehan gif really really? wow good job i'm proud of you sarcasm sure shut up stop talking be quiet

March 3, 2011 gif i see what you did there nice one good job sure okay good job congratulations congrats

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March 3, 2011 misfits robert sheehan nathan young gif we're all very happy for you congratulations good job wow okay sure idiot stupid congrats

February 28, 2011 Eugene Fitzherbert are you sure eugene flynn flynn rider fuck fuck you gif hate huh i don't know okay raise eyebrow rapunzel really really? sure tangled unimpressed wow gif

February 24, 2011 logan lerman percy the lightning thief percy jackson omg oh my god ew okay sure why really? really what huh ok uh um
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