September 2, 2011 misfits Lauren Socha kelly really really? are you fucking kidding me are you kidding me are you serious seriously seriously? what the fuck wtf what the hell wth fuck you go away annoyed irritated

March 7, 2011 Lauren Socha angry die gif hate i don't know how to tag this awesome gif kelly kill mad misfits rawr roar upset yell ugh

March 7, 2011 misfits kelly Lauren Socha gif sad upset crying depressed cry sob sobbing tear single tear

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February 13, 2011 misfits simon nathan Curtis alisha kelly Robert Sheehan Lauren Socha iwan rheon antonia thomas omg oh my god shocked surprised scared freaked out freaky creepy creeped out

February 10, 2011 misfits kelly lauren socha gif huh what i don't understand confused why ew gross uh um

February 9, 2011 misfits kelly lauren socha gif deal with it whatever i don't care idc

January 27, 2011 misfits gif lauren socha kelly probation worker bald girl head butt hit slap smack punch die kill angry mad frustrated irritated kill it kill it with fire die go die god dammit god damn it damn it dammit i will kill you hate ugh argh
December 30, 2010


Out at the Pictures - Hot Chip


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misfits nathan simon kelly alisha curtis get dressed get ready


December 26, 2010 confused i don't know idk kelly misfits what why gif


December 25, 2010 angry die frustrated fuck fuck you kelly kill mad misfits pissed the finger gif
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